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What would it look like if a third-party upstart tried to take back our government from lying thieves in Washington?

Ben Westwood, like most Americans is fed up with Washington but unsure how the people can take back their government from the two-party system that is so entrenched. Then he comes upon the solution. He recruits a couple of classmates and their friends to form an upstart the likes of which the nation had never seen, the American Patriot Party.

When the party’s popularity skyrockets the establishment in Washington takes notice and sees a threat to the system that funnels money to the rich and powerful. They begin to attack. A call from a party leader to an unknown ally sets in motion a small shadowy force that tries to protect the fledgling upstart. As the party grows in strength the attacks increase in number and ferocity as the Patriots attempt to take control of Capitol Hill and win the presidency.

Navigate the labyrinth of corrupt election year politics at their most heinous in The Patriot Endeavor. Unabashedly broaching hot buttons, like racism, illegal immigration, and homosexuality that includes Capitol Hill sex scandals and a beautiful transgender seductress, The Patriot Endeavor is teeming with political intrigue, dirty police, assassinations, and tragically lost love. It features a third-party upstart protected by an ex-CIA rogue who tangles with an elite black ops team of killers.

Lies, betrayal, government-sanctioned bombings, shadowy characters, and poignant romantic interludes—The Patriot Endeavor has it all as it races to election day and its stunning conclusion.


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